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Super aliens could feed on cosmic rays

When it comes to our exploration of the solar system, one of the most dangerous aspects of space for the human body is cosmic radiation. But for a totally different kind of living thing, cosmic radiation could actually be a source of life. This is according to a new study, …

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Life does still exist on Mars

Forty years ago, two landers in a Martian experiment known as the Viking Labeled Release produced positive evidence for microbial life on the red planet. Separated by 4,000 miles, both of the Viking landers yielded similar, repeatable results, prompting researchers to conclude – controversially – that Martian life had been …

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‘Proxima b could be habitable’

According to a new analysis, Proxima b could be a habitable ‘ocean planet’ encircled by a thin, gas atmosphere much like our own. An international team of researchers has calculated the dimensions of the rocky exoplanet, along with the properties of its surface, finding it may have features that favour …

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Saturn’s ringlets revealed

NASA has revealed a stunning new view of the incredibly detailed structure of Saturn`s rings. Taken by Cassini last week, it shows the mysterious structure of the rings. Astronomers are still unsure whether they have always appeared this way, or if their appearance has evolved over time. `The rings are …

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Facebook to open new HQ in London

Facebook will open a new London headquarters next year and create another 500 jobs, the leading social network said Monday, despite uncertainty over Brexit. The group said the move will take its UK workforce to 1,500 staff, adding that Britain “remains one of the best places to be a tech …

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